Dwlc-3 circulating water cooling device

The device is mainly used for constant temperature water sources required for experimental equipment such as microscopes, electron probes, energy spectrometers, diffractometers, and fluorescence spectrometers. It uses closed circulating water, the compressor works intermittently, automatically controls the temperature of the circulating water, and heat exchanges the parts that need to be cooled by the instrument to ensure the stable operation of the instrument at the optimum temperature.



 Power supply Voltage :220Vac, current >10A
 Cooling medium Distilled water
 Circulating water temperature 0-50°C
 Temperature control accuracy ±1°C
 Effluent flow > 3.5L/min or available on request
 Outlet pressure > 3.5kg/cm2 or available on request
 Water storage 48L or available on request
 Protection Water flow, refrigerant pressure    detection




The dimensions of the laboratory area are for reference only.

Single-phase power supply 220V × 30A, 2 group.

Grounding wire resistance must not exceed 4Ω.