X-ray diffractometer

DX-2900 2D X-ray diffractometer

Horizontal 2D X-ray diffractometer

2Dl X-ray diffractometer can quickly realize the study of structural orientation, texture and crystal state of organic and inorganic materials. It is applied to the surface structure test of membrane, fiber, filamentous material and block material.

DX-2900 is composed of capillary micro-focus source, two-axis thin film sample holder, 2D array detector and control software. It can also be configured with film sample holder, transmission sample holder, inert gas protection holder and in-situ atmosphere treatment holder to meet the needs of various measurement purposes.




                                  Lead iodide film                        2D diffraction spectrogram of polymer sample



       Methylamine lead iodide perovskite film             Transmission XRD of polybutene spline


 N2200 Polymer film

Vertical 2Dl X-ray diffractometer

Multiple samples can be placed horizontally and liquid, molten and other special samples can be measured;

With heating sample holder: samples can be heated when measuring;

150mm × 150mm XY position holder: can provide greater range of movement.


Vertical 2Dl X-ray diffractometer


       150mm × 150mm XY position holder                      Heating sample holder        


2D diffraction spectrogram

 of Al2O3

2D diffraction spectrogram 

of polyethylene

2D diffraction spectrogram 

of  polybutadiene

Technical parameter 

1. X-ray generator: Cu or Mo target, 50W (50kV, 1mA);
2. Capillary: collimation 0.25°, focal spot diameter 0.5mm, intensity>10^8ph/s;
3. Two-axis film sample holder: Omega axis: - 10°~10°, accuracy 0.002°; Z-axis: 0-15mm, accuracy 0.002mm; 
4. 2D array detector: 512 × 512 pixels, 75μm/pixel;
5. Optional: transmission sample holder, in-situ film heat holder, in-situ solvent atmosphere treatment accessory, atmosphere protection accessory, etc;
6. Film sample holder can be upgraded to three-axis or five-axis film sample holder, and 2D array detector can be upgraded to Pilatus200K and Eiger500K/1M.