X-ray diffractometer

DX-27mini Benchtop X-ray diffractometer


Designed for industrial production and quality control, advanced technology for the production of concentrated X-ray diffractometers, functionalized and miniaturized benchtop X-ray diffractometers. Qualitative analysis, quantification and crystal structure analysis of metal and non-metal samples. Especially suitable for catalyst, titanium dioxide, cement, pharmaceutical and other product manufacturing industries.


CounterClosed proportional or semiconductor    linear array detector(MYTHEN2 1D)
Maximum linear count rate≥5×105cps(direct ratio), ≥1×107cps(linear    array detector)
Energy spectrum resolution<25%
Radioactivity protectionLead+lead glass protection,optical gate    and protection cover are locked, outside radioactive dose <1μSv/h
Overall reliability≤1‰
PowerSolid state X-ray generator:600W(40kV, 15mA) . Reliability: <0.005%
X-ray tubeCermet X-ray tube, Cu target, power    2.4kW, focus:1 x 10 mm Water cooler(water flowrate>1L/min)
Angle measurer
StructureSample horizontalθs-θd structure.
Diffraction circle radius150mm
Scan modeContinuous, stepping, Omg(servo motor)
Measurement rangeθs/θd linkage -3°~150°
Minimum step width angle0.0001°
Angle repeatability0.0005°
Linearity of diffraction angle<0.02°(Standard    sample, within the full spectrum)
Angle location speed1500°/min
Standard configurationDell Business Notebook
Intel i3, 4GB RAM, 128G SDD, RW 
Operation systemWindows 7, or 10
Control1. Automatic control generator tube    voltage, tube current, optical gate and tube training.
     2. Control angle measurement scan continuously or stepping, and collect the    diffraction data at the same time.
     3. Diffraction data processing: automatic peak searching, manual peak    searching, integral strength, peak height, center of gravity, background    removing, smooth, peak shape amplification, spectrogram comparing, etc.
Data processing softwarePhase qualitative and quantitative    analysis, Kα1,α2 peeling off, whole spectrogram fitting, selected peak fitting,    half high width and crystal grain size calculation, crystal cell measurement,    stress calculation, diffraction line indexing, multiple drawing, 3D drawing,    diffraction data correction, background removing, no standard sample    quantification function, Full spectrum fitting (WPF), XRD diffraction    spectrum simulation.