X-ray diffractometer

DX-2700BH multipurpose X-ray diffractometer


Multipurpose X-ray diffractometers and high-resolution X-ray diffractometers are widely used in various fields of structural analysis of various materials. Analyzable materials include: metal materials, inorganic materials, composite materials, organic materials, nanomaterials, superconducting materials. The material states that can be analyzed include: powder samples, bulk samples, film samples, and micro-region micro-samples. Widely used in clay minerals, cement building materials, environmental dust, chemical products, pharmaceuticals, asbestos, rock, minerals and other research fields.

Designed for materials research and industrial product analysis, DX-2700BH is a comprehensive product combining routine analysis with special purpose measurement.

The perfect combination of hardware system and software system to meet the needs of scholars and researchers in different application fields

High-precision diffraction angle measurement system for more accurate measurement results

Highly stable X-ray generator control system for more stable repeat measurement accuracy

Various functional accessories meet the needs of different test purposes

Programmatic operation, integrated structure design, easy operation, with tight structure and graceful outline

X-ray diffractometer is a universal test instrument that reveals the crystal structure and chemical information of materials.

Identification of one and many phases in unknown samples

Quantitative analysis of known phases in mixed samples

Crystal structure analysis (Rietveld structure analysis)

Crystal structure changes under unconventional conditions (at high temperature and low temperature)

Film sample analysis, including film phase, multilayer film thickness, surface roughness, charge density

Analysis of micro-region samples

Metal material texture, stress analysis

The combination of perfect quality and superior performance

In addition to basic functions, DX-2700BH of diffractometers can quickly configure a variety of accessories for superior analytical capabilities. High-precision diffraction angle measurement system for more accurate measurement results

High-precision machining greatly improves the reproducibility of the attachment position. The software automatically recognizes the corresponding accessories, no need to calibrate the optical path, and the accessory installation is plug-and-play. The simplest operation can meet the need of special purpose measurement.


The perfect combination of high performance and practicality

Based on θ-θ geometric optics design, easy sample preparation and installation of various accessories

The application of cermet X-ray tube greatly improves the operating power of the diffractometer

Closed proportional counter, durable and maintenance free

Silicon drift detector with superior angular resolution and energy resolution, measuring more than 3 times faster

A variety of diffractometer accessories to meet different analytical purposes

Automatic identification of various functional accessories of the diffractometer

Modular design or plug-and-play assembly, the operator does not need to calibrate the optical system, the correct use of the diffractometer accessories


Data processing software includes the following features

Basic data processing functions (peak finding, smoothing, background subtraction, peak shape fitting, peak shape amplification, spectral contrast, Kα1, α2 stripping, diffraction line indexing, etc.)

Rapid quantitative analysis of non-standard samples

Grain size measurement

Crystal structure analysis (cell parameter measurement and refinement)


Stress Measurement of macro- and micro-stress calculation

2D and 3D display of multiple drawings

Diffraction peak map clustering analysis

Diffraction data half-width correction curve

Diffraction data angle deviation calibration curve

Routine quantitative analysis based on Rietveld

Qualitative analysis of objects using ICDD database or user database

Quantitative analysis using the ICDD database or the ICSD database